Vitamins are the thing that we tend to ignore and one day we use them and the next we don’t. Does that sound like you? Yeah, that was me as well. I was someone that believed that vitamins were important but, I tend to forget at times that I should be taking them. So, when did I start to take them? Noticing that I was having more acne and my hair seemed to be breaking so much that it was not able to grow past my shoulder. If you’re looking for two simply vitamins for faster hair growth, then look no further

I followed up and did some googling and I experimented with different vitamins to try and figure see what really helped me. Since then, I have been taking these vitamins faithfully and I have noticed a huge difference in my hair and my skin and I am so excited to talk about it!

Now, what I am about to show you all will probably frighten you guys as much as it frightened me. My hair would NOT grow past my shoulders and honestly, it was embarrassing. No matter what I did to my hair it would not grow, the breakage was awful to the point that I had to go to the salon and get her to trim off all of my ends and give me a relaxer. Gasp, a relaxer! Kylie how COULD YOU?! Yes, I know. Below is a picture of when I cut most of my ends off.

February 2015
February, 2015

It’s always so shocking when I look at how short my hair was but the good thing about me cutting off my old ends was that I no longer had ugly ends. There’s always a plus, right? But, remember, I never did a big chop where I cut all my relaxed hair off, I just grew it out until I had not more relaxed hair and then I cut it off. So, after that day, that was the last day that I ever put a relaxer in my hair and I said to myself, “enough already.” That’s when I began to start taking vitamins specifically for my hair to ensure that I can fix this pixie cut situation.

Vitamin #1: B-Complex

B-Complex vitamins are ALL of the essential B vitamins that we tend to miss in our daily diets. They include but are not limited to, B-12, B-1, B-1, B-3, etc. The reason that these are wonderful vitamins to take and I actually saw results with is because they help with strengthening the hair, reducing breakage which will equal longer hair, retaining elasticity, and stimulating blood flow to the scalp. I began to take these pills about a month after I cut my hair and I continued to take them to this day. They provide so many nutrients to the hair and I noticed a difference with my hair after the first couple of weeks. I was so floored that my hair could actually grow and was not breaking off anytime the wind hits it. B-7, which is the holy grail in beauty is no other than, BIOTIN! Yes girl, biotin.

We all know, but if you don’t know, Biotin brings so much hair growth but it can also cause cystic acne if you start too high in dosage. That’s why I prefer the B-complex vitamins because you are getting the proper amount of biotin without causing your skin to bring some tenants around aka pimps and they don’t even pay rent. If you’re gonna occupy space on my skin, pay some rent. The B-complex also does wonders for the skin as well! Who doesn’t want 1 vitamin that does both? B vitamins work for reducing acne, which I will provide pictures below, improving the radiance in the skin, reducing rosacea, eczema, hyperpigmentation, and dryness. Like I mentioned before, I always have clogged pores my skin has flourished!

May 2015

As you can see, my hair still had some struggle going on with it but it was vastly improving!

April 2015

Along with my skin, you can see that it remained smooth and this was when I first woke up! Excuse the dog’s nose. Here’s a link where you can buy the b-complex vitamins:  The Best Super B-Complex vitamins on the market!

Vitamin #2: MSM 

Next is my gem I discovered, MSM or also called “Methylsulphonylmethane” is a type of sulfur that we tend to lack in our typical everyday diet. The vitamin has the main purpose of relieving joint pain but for me, I mainly noticed a growth with my hair. When I decided to become fully natural I noticed that my hair would constantly shed and it was super annoying. Then I began to transition my hair instead of doing a big chop. This vitamin lengthens the growth phase of your hair which, in result, allows for long hair. Again, check and mate.

These are the specific MSM pills that I take! The link will be listed below!

I started to take these around March 2017 and I will admit, I was slow to fully incorporate it into my schedule. So of course, I saw slow progress, then I manned up and started to take them properly and omg, omg, omg, omg. I began to actually take them around July of 2017 and my hair growth skyrocketed. I was actually surprised, my hair was growing like weeds. My hair had its slow growth but with these, I couldn’t keep track of myself!

September 2017

I know, I had that ugly planet on my face but look at my hair though! It increased so much in thickness and the breakage was nonexistent. Here is the link below, make sure to check out the reviews as well: MSM Hair Growth Gem!

Those two vitamins alone are the main ones that I take for my hair and skin, just two, keep it short and sweet. Of course, I take a multivitamin but these are the main things that I included in my vitamins that I saw so many results with. Let’s see some more pictures to track!

Tracking My Skin Progress!:

My skin after consecutive months of faithfully taking both of my vitamins. WHAT PORES?
 Post-Thanksgiving shift: My skin has its radiance and my clogged pores have been reduced substantially.

Then I did something bad, I was still taking my MSM but I was not taking my B-complex and my skin freaked out. My hair was great but my skin, not so much. When I noticed that, I started to take my B-complex as well as a zinc vitamin. I will make sure that I review that vitamin in full detail in my next post.

Tracking My Hair!:

Look at a recent photo of my hair during a silk press!
Look at the difference! Plus, this is my natural hair! I have no relaxed hair whats so ever! It’s so thick and luxurious.
 My wash and go on my natural hair, my curl pattern is back, thickness present and my hair is super long.

 I would love to hear from you guys and let me know if you guys try these out. My results are real and I would love to see yours!

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With much love and grace,



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