Have you noticed that your hair has been dry and malnourished? Or have you seemed to notice that your hair refuses to grow past a certain length? Regrow your hair with specific hair oils to discover your most beautiful hair. These products will give you faster hair growth without extreme work.

The constant hair breakage can result in thinner, shorter and brittle hair. It’s annoying and frustrating when you are trying to grow your hair and you’re noticing that nothing is improving. I honestly felt the same exact way when I was not seeing any growth past my shoulders.

What products do I need to add to maintain my length?

Of course, that ended up transpiring into me learning about more vitamins that will improve my hair growth. I did see a drastic improvement when implementing hair growth vitamins. I also notice that you still need hair products that are going to maintain the length. If you’re not using anything to reduce breaking your hair will never reach a longer potential. So I started to learn about leave-in conditioners and what works best to retain the moisture in your hair. I was also able to learn that when your hair is lacking moisture you’re more prone to breakage.

So when I discovered that I also discovered that my scalp tends to get very dry very fast. Since I have naturally curly hair and it’s around 4A curl pattern, oils don’t get to my scalp as often. That’s why I tend to have more of a dryer scalp. So if you have finer hair you will tend to notice that your scalp will start to get oilier faster. This is because you don’t have as much hair blocking the oils from seeping to your scalp. With that being said you just have to be careful how much oil do you apply to your hair.

How do you use oil products for faster hair growth?

Oils provide nutrients that can be delivered directly to the scalp. With that being said, it will give your scalp nourishment. This ensures that your new growth is not as prone to breakage because it is more hydrated and less damaged.

So how do you really choose which oils are going to be best for you? I have tried many oils and these are the absolute best oils. You need to implement into your hair regimen to get the longest and strongest hair possible!

The BEST Hair Oils:

Oils for Thicker hair:
Castor Oil
Coconut Oil

Jamaican black castor oil is better for thicker hair types.
  • Best for thicker hair types
  • Apply a small amount to the scalp and MASSAGE
  • Black castor oil provides more nutrients to the scalp and cause rapid hair growth and extremely thickens the hair.
  • DO NOT USE A LOT, as it causes hair to thicken very QUICKLY!
  • This is my favorite castor oil because it is 100% natural, cold-pressed, and only contains castor oil.
  • be careful as many oils have added ingredients this is 100% CASTOR PURE OIL!
  • You can purchase it here: https://amzn.to/2N8HDJw
  • I prefer to buy it on amazon because in the store it’s almost $25 because it’s so pure, are they crazy at the store?
  • If you have finer, or thinner hair using CLEAR castor oil will do the exact same and tripe your hair growth! https://amzn.to/323vdH9
  • These are the best castor oils I have used and you should make sure to read the reviews and give them a shot! They are extremely worth it if you are feeling frustrated with the texture and length of your hair!
Great for all hair types
  • Provides fatty acids that thicken hair
  • Provides deep hydration to maintain length
  • Reduces breakage for longer hair
  • Prevents future damage by strengthening the hair strands
  • I love this coconut oil because it is 100% pure and cold-pressed
  • It also is extra virgin coconut oils, which is the best coconut oil to use for your hair, skin and to cook with.
  • You will love this coconut oil because it’s so clean and works fantastically.
  • Be careful with artificial coconut oil because they will not give you the proper nourishment.
  • You can purchase it here: https://amzn.to/31K0fUf

For Faster Hair Growth/Regrowth:

Amla Oil

  • If you’re for faster hair growth then you better hop on the Amla oil train! This stuff is fantastic!
  • Amla oil helps to strengthen the hair, providing less breakage. With less breakage- there will be no more thinning hair or split ends!
  • If you have tried everything to grow your hair and you still notice your hair becoming more and more fragile and stagnant. GET THIS OIL!
  • It also improves circulation in the scalp. This is important for hair growth because this will ensure that you have an increase in blood flow, providing healthy cells and faster hair growth.
  • Purchase this oil here at Amazon! It’s way cheaper than in stores and you get a larger size! https://amzn.to/2ZG7uel

WHEW! I know that was a lot. But, I love to make sure that If I recommending products that work, I always want to give all the proper information. Now, these are the best oils that I have tried that allowed me to grow 6 inches of my natural hair in less than 5 months.

Make sure to also look at y post about vitamins for hair growth! Many people ignore vitamins but just by adding your vitamins, your hair can growth and extra inch a month! Who doesn’t want that? https://thatgirlkylie.com/2019/07/02/the-two-best-vitamins-for-thick-hair-growth-and-gorgeous-radiant-skin/

Make sure that you read the reviews for each product and make sure you invest in yourself! If you’re tired of feeling like you’re hair is having no improvement, get these oils.


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