Did you know that stress is the number one killer in America?

One way to beat stress is to have some leisure time and self care.

This quarantine is helping save lives, and we are grateful for that. It may suck to be in this self isolation but lets have a positive outlook on it.

So, while we take this time to save others, let’s give ourselves some love.

Do you notice that when we were so busy and running around the place we always would say, “ I don’t have time for anything.” Or “ I just want some alone time.” Or finally, “I don’t have time for that.”

Yeah, me too. I always would be rushing from campus, to my full time job, back home to type papers, and I barely would have time to put a face mask on or paint my nails.

It was exhausting. I hated how I never had time for me and if you are anything like me, I know it bothered you too.

Now look at us, we have all the time in the world. For once, let’s take this time and focus on ourselves okay.

In this blog post I am going to give you some amazing self care tips and ideas that will make this alone time feel like a well deserved vacation. 

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1:) Take a Hot Bath

As we already know, baths are beneficial but here’s what you actually need in that bath to make it feel like a hot tub at the spa. Without all the, you know, people. To actually have a relaxing bath, here’s the key components:

Fill it up halfway with blazing hot water and then when it is half way, fill it up with regular temp water. The reason why this is helpful is because you don’t use up all the hot water in one run, it keeps the water hotter (i’m not a full scientist but I swear I see a difference), and it makes it feel more like a hot tub. 
  1. Apple cider vinegar-  If you are a woman, you need to be adding apple cider vinegar into your baths.
      1. The reason why is because it naturally balances your PH balance. Because baths are so hot, they tend to kill all the good bacteria from your vagina, which is not helpful for you at all.
      2. The apple cider vinegar, with the mother, has beneficial bacteria that helps prevent BV and yeast infections. Add about ½ cup to your bath water. It will change your life. Get yours here! My favorite is Bragg’s. Its easier to get it delivered now!  
  2. Epsom salts-  Epsom salts are so helpful in baths because it eases stress and this is a very stressful time. It helps with muscle cramps and body aches, giving you that spa feel. They also help to remove toxins from your body. Amazon has one with magnesium and its great! Plus it’s huge for only $8. You cannot beat that! Get it here! 
  3. Oils- I like to add oils into my bath. Essential oils such as lavender and eucalyptus oils. I only add about 10 drops of each but they make your bath smell so good and they get dilutes in the water so they are not as strong on the skin.
    1. I also like to add a little bit of almond oil to hydrate the skin while I’m in there. Seriously, your skin will thank you because you will not be as dry and cracky when you get out and when you put on lotion, you will have extra moisture on your skin. 
  4. Bubble Bath- Be careful with your bubble bath. I use a simple milk and honey bubble bath because most bubble baths tend to have a lot of harsh chemicals and extra added fragrances.
    1. Those are not helpful for your vagina at all and tend to cause yeast infections. The simpler the better. Plus, the milk and honey smells so good and you already have natural fragrances from your essential oils, you don’t need any to be added in your bubble bath soap. 

2:) Put on a face mask

I know it may seem super simple but putting on a face mask can be one of the most relaxing things you can do.

Taking care of your skin while you do other things. It’s like a helping hand. But, take a moment to wash your face and put on a face mask.

Honestly, it’s a super simple form of self care that anyone can do. Do this while you take your bath or while you’re cleaning the house. 

3:) Write and create a journal

Now that we are stuck in our thoughts, lets try not to let them consume us. Any negativity or anger, let’s get rid of it.

Create a journal where you can write how you feel, the importance of self love, why you’re on your journey. Consider it your self-care journal. Hey, write poems or write a song.

Let yourself be vulnerable and take up a writing challenge within yourself. Don’t let this alone time and self isolation cause you to feel like you more anxious. I know it’s hard but if you can release some tension, it will surly make you feel more safe.

My eBook has 10 journal prompts that anyone can follow and do. It contains my top 10 journal entries that help you build confidence, self-esteem, personal growth and self-love.

Put your email in below to get it sent to your email so you can start it while in your quarantine. Give it a shot and see if it helps you too!

4:) Read a book

Do you want to learn a new habit? Investing? Maybe you have an old romance novel that you never got the time to read.

Now you can take this time to grab that book from the bottom of your pile and start reading it.

The reason why this is actually beneficial to you is because you get to enjoy the book without feeling as though your timeline is being rushed.

Release your mind and be able to enjoy a job book that either relaxes you or teaches you something you always wanted to know.

Take some time to put your social media on pause, the constant influx of news can drive anyone crazy. 

5:) Exercise during this self isolation

I know. Eww. But exercise is very beneficial to us as we all know. No, you don’t have to go and do cross-fit.

Slight exercises like yoga or Pilates will be great to do during this isolation time. As this is a very stressful time, exercise helps increase blood flow and also can be used to help relieve anxiety and depression.

Don’t overwork yourself but a little exercise won’t hurt. Remember, you’re in self isolation, nobody is watching you or judging you in any way.

If your looking for a good workout plan, You can try Hip Flexors! A home workout plan that works to strengthen, provide energy, and vitality.

6:) Learn to cook

Now, I bet you’re wondering, “how is this self care?” Let me tell you, it is.

Many people have found it be be a stress reliever. Learning to cook gives you the amazing ability experiment with different things and try different foods and have FUN!

Especially, now that we are stuck in the house, you can give yourself the restaurant experience while at home! Are you keto? Learn how to cook ketogenic with Keto Resources!

Simply amazing at teaching you to make amazing keto foods! And if you’re not keto, google some new recipes! Maybe some delicious Cuban food or Jamaican food!

7:) Sleep More

Now, is the perfect time to take some extra time to catch up on sleep.

Maybe take an extra nap, sleep a bit longer or go to sleep earlier. Did you know that by sleeping a little more your cells regenerate?

Meaning your skin looks better and more youthful! Sleep helps your body heal and that is exactly what we need. Boosting immunity and regenerating your body.

That’ s all Folks! 7 Simple relaxing and easy self care tips

While these are super simple and relaxing things to do while you are in this self isolation, it is also beneficial to you.

For your health and your sanity.  By using some of these tricks you are able to not drive yourself crazy during this time and you will be able to do some of those things that you didn’t have time to do before.

Self care is crucial so make sure that you give yourself some extra love during this time.

Make sure to sign up to get my free self-love journal prompts, this will help you build your self-confidence and self-love.

Plus, it’s free. You can’t go wrong! What ways do you self care during these quarantine time? 

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