Let’s be real, you might be lost on what to do with your natural hair!

Are you currently transitioning your hair?

I bet you are thinking about going natural and you’re five seconds from doing a big chop.

You probably have seen a ton of YouTubers who have screamed that they have grown their hair from a fresh fade to a Rapunzel in a year. Yeah, okay.

I started my natural hair journey in 2015 and I did NOT do a big chop, I transitioned.

While on my journey, I was lost as hell. I didn’t know a damn thing about natural hair or what to do.

All I knew was that I wanted my hair to be long and natural.

Due to this, my hair would grow and then break

My hair would not grow past my neck and I was so embarrassed.

Every other YouTuber that transitioned their hair had long, gorgeous hair in half the time I did.

So, what was I doing wrong?

Through some serious trial and error I was able to figure out why my hair would not grow. 

If you are just beginning your natural hair journey or you have been natural for a while and you’re stuck at the same length…

This blog post is for you boo boo, I’m going to share with you the top ten things that I have been doing for my hair that has changed my hair immensely. 

                              1:) Get A Trim

Regardless if you are just starting your natural hair journey or the fact that you have been natural forever, you need to trim your ends. 

But, since we are talking about fresh naturals, the reason that you need to trim your ends is due to the fact that they will continue to split to the roots.

This causes your hair to look less full, thin, brittle, and ragged.

Personally, when I tried to hold onto my ends for dear life and I noticed that my hair was, in fact, falling out!

Because I refused to trim my ends, my hair would not retain any length. 

So this is why trimming your ends is so crucial.

It aids in retaining length, preventing further damage, and allows for your hair to retain moisture. 

It is the biggest key in building healthy hair and having a successful hair journey. 

                          2:) Learn Your Porosity

Hair is different for everyone.

You need to do the porosity test so that you can understand what kind of routine you need to do in order to please your hair.

The porosity test simply just helps you figure out how your cuticles respond to moisture

This will be beneficial in being able to find products that work for your hair. 

The porosity test takes about 5 minutes to do.

All you need is a strand of hair with no product on it

Place it in a cup of lukewarm water and test how fast it sinks

It should take less than 5 minutes, if the hair sinks slowly you have low porosity hair

If it sinks to the bottom quickly, you have high porosity hair. 

There’s so much to porosity that I will need a second post for it all, but do make sure you learn yours for your journey. 

                         3:) Moisturize Your Hair 

You need to learn how to moisturize your hair properly. 

The best way for most naturals to do this is the L.O.C method.

If you have not heard of this, the L.O.C method is a simple three step moisturizing routine that helps to retain moisture

Since natural hair is the thickest and coilist of all the hair types, it requires more moisture. 

Moisturizing your hair leads to length retention, the only way that your hair will get longer is if you can maintain that length.

Without moisture your hair will constantly break, leading to split ends and frustration.

Now that you know the importance of moisturizing, I’ll explain the L.O.C method.

1:) L- Liquid or leave in conditioner: This can be water since it is hydrating or your favorite leave in conditioner. The point of this is to first apply the moisture. 

2:) O- Oil: This is any oil you like, from coconut to Amla. Oil is a sealant, that is why you apply it after you moisturize to seal in the moisture. 


3:) C- Cream- This is any moisturizing cream that you prefer. You can do a curling cream to style or aloe vera. It is all your preference. 

Moisturizing is the key to natural hair success and I learned this the hard way. 

Whenever I did not moisturize my hair, my ends would become super spit and since I was stubborn on cutting them, I kept losing all my length. 

You NEED to moisturize your hair. 

Some of my favorite moisturizers are these below (plus they are inexpensive):

                           4:) Do Protein Treatments

Do you know what hair is made of?

Dead Protein aka Keratin. 

Occasional protein treatments are important for improving strength of the hair. 

You do NOT need to do protein treatments every month as that could be too much, which can lead to dry and fragile hair. 

But, it is amazing for giving your hair strength that resists breakage when used PROPERLY.

Don’t overdo it. 

 My favorite treatment is this one:

                          5:) Start Taking A Multivitamin

Your hair is always growing however, it needs nutrients in order to be happy.

Regardless of your diet, 80% of people do not get the proper nutrients that they need 

By adding a multivitamin to your routine, you help your hair get healthy from the inside out 

The multivitamin adds biotin, which helps hair growth

Vitamin D for strengthening the hair as well. 

All of the vitamins in a multivitamin are crucial for hair health.

I am currently taking a generic Walmart great value women’s vitamin. 

You can get any one that you prefer, just make sure that it is a multivitamin. 


                              6:) Build A Regimen

Your hair needs a regimen 

That means you need to have a more consistent when you do your hair and what you do to it

If your hair tends to get very dry, you need to build a regimen that helps to hydrate your hair

This could be co washing once a week and shampooing every 2 weeks

With a regimen, you can learn your hair and how it responds to things 

Plus, you are able to tell what your hair needs!

Learning when your hair is dry is the biggest thing that people tend to not learn which leads to breakage. 

                       7:) Always Sleep With A Satin Bonnet/ Scarf

Most of us already know this but it is even more crucial with natural hair

The reason why you need to do this every night is due to the moisture it keeps in your hair

When you moisturize your hair, you do NOT want it to leave!

In addition to that, it helps reduce the chance of breakage to your hair

Preventing split ends that lead to further damage to your hair. 

A simple tip that is a must for natural hair 

                             8:) Invest In Hair Oils

Oils are fantastic for hair growth but also your scalp

Since your scalp is the fountain of hair growth, you need your scalp to be moisturized, clean and healthy

One of the best ways to keep your scalp happy is to oil it. 

Some great oils are grapeseed, castor oil, olive oil and amla oil.

These oils prevent dandruff, seals in moisture, and gives great shine

DO make sure to avoid fake oils that have petroleum as the main ingredient!

Those tend to clog the pores on the scalp that can stunt hair growth. 

                           9:) Try To Avoid Sulfates

Switch to more sulfate free products for your hair.

Sulfates and parabens dry the hair out so that it makes it impossible to moisturize afterwards.

Sulfate free is the best option for natural hair because it does not over dry the hair 

While sulfates and parabens are extremely terrible for you, I have noticed that my hair loved when I used sulfate and paraben free products

Remember, you have to make your hair happy 

              10:) Remember To Love Your Hair At Every Stage

Maybe you want waist length natural hair but you just did a big chop

Love your hair from your big chop all the way up to your desired length

This is crucial when going natural because it can be so nerve wracking for so many people

But, you have to love your hair. Through. Every. Phase

You have to be proud of your natural hair and the progress you have made

Be proud of the fact that you are taking care of you 

Your hair is an extension of your beauty and you should be proud of it. Regardless of if you have a bald head, finger waves, or bra strap length. 

When you love your hair, you will notice a difference in your hair and the way you take care of it.


What other natural hair tips have helped you further your journey? I would love to hear!

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That’s all loves! Stay tuned and I hope this helps with your natural hair journey! 

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