Ten amazing tips for feminine healthLet’s talk about vaginal health…vagina… feminine health! They are literally something everyone is so scared to talk about. 

Oh no! vaginas and feminine health.. so scary! lol please.

This part of a woman is a self cleaning organ that you NEED to treat like a QUEEN HONEY!

This is your baby maker, soul snatcher, treasure chest, make them fall in love with your machine. 

But also, it’s a part of you that people are sooo ashamed to talk about. 

This post is for those who may suffer from bacterial vaginitis, yeast infections, odor, or you generally want to improve your feminine hygiene. 

These tips will give you the best vaginal health and a vagina that you DON’T have to be ashamed about. 

Well, you shouldn’t be ashamed of it period but let’s get out a bottle of wine and let’s CHAT boo. 

This might get uncomfortable for some of y’all but let’s keep it real and let the coochie talk flow. 

1:) Wipe PROPERLY!

Your vagina has multiple holes. Each of these holes need to be cleaned and dry.

Of course it is inevitable that you get lubricated or have to pee. It’s life!

However, when you use the bathroom proper wiping can make or break your vaginal SMELL.

So if you suffer from odor, this may be exactly what you need to do to maintain proper vaginal health and feminine hygiene.

The correct way to wipe if FRONT TO BACK!


Here’s why: 

Your anus, yes the bootyhole, it right behind your vagina. 

Any debris that may be left behind, sweat, urine, or dirt will be pushed INTO your vagina when you wipe back to front. 

This will cause an influx of bad bacteria into the vagina.

Side note: We have good bacteria in our vagina that helps cleans us out and keep our vagina healthy

If too much bad bacteria comes in, this is when we run into problems like BV and Yeast infections. 

It’s so crucial to wipe from front to back after using the bathroom.


EXTRA TIP: Invest in unscented baby wipes or clean feminine wipes!

After wiping with toilet paper, follow up with the baby wipes or feminine wipes. 

This helps to clean any spots you missed and leave you with a light, fresh scent!

Perfect for anyone suffering with vaginal odor. You will only have a clean, natural scent!

My Favorite Wipes are :

Burt’s Bees Chlorine-Free Unscented Baby Wipes

burts bees


Here’s why you need them:


  • They are 99% NATURAL! This means that there are no weird synthetics, chlorine or dyes that would irritate or burn your vagina. 
  • It’s unscented. There’s so much marketing for scents for the vagina but it is NOT needed. You need to learn that there’s a natural scent to every vagina but you do not need a sour apple flavored vagina. Simple and clean is all you need
  • It has Aloe Vera and Vitamin E, this helps to naturally hydrate and soothe the vagina. You won’t feel extremely dried out. 
  • These are amazing and you seriously need them! I always order mine online because they tend to get sold out in stores. BUY THESE WIPES! You won’t regret it. Click here to purchase these wipes! 


2:) Avoid Harsh Feminine Washes


Remember how I said that brands market jolly rancher flavored feminine products?

Yes, you already know how it is about feminine washes.

Tropical berry or coconut dream washes…. Please don’t even use it.

The vagina is PH balanced, and so many of these throw off the pH balance

Leading to all types of problems like odor and infections

DO however, use a mild, unscented soap.

Dove’s white beauty bar is a great feminine wash to use as it does not have drying ingredients

It has a fresh and clean scent that doesn’t irritate your vagina. 

Also, make sure that you only wash the OUTSIDE of your vagina with the soap. 


Since the vagina is a self-cleaning organ, you don’t wash the inside of it. 

Only the outside where there’s sweat, dirt, and debris. 

An Amazing wash is:

The Honey Pots Sensitive Skin Wash


Here’s why you NEED to invest in this wash Vaginal wash for feminine health

  • Gentle cleansing that is not harsh on the skin 
  • Doesn’t irritate or inflame the Vagina which helps to reduce any problems you may have
  • Controls odor 
  • Boosts hydration levels 
  • Balances your pH
  • It’s plant based 
  • It smells so damn good!

Here’s the link for it, Get it here!

3:) Change Your Pad/ Tampon Every 5 hours

Okay so here’s the thing.

Your vagina is a self cleaning organ, that means blood, discharge, etc.

When you’re on your period, it is important to implicate better hygiene!

Due to the lack of air that your vagina receives when wearing pads/tampons

You need to change them FREQUENTLY


Not only does it help you feel fresh but it also:

  1. Reduces the smell– bacteria loves to grow in warm, moist areas. Since there is a mixture of blood and sweat during your period. It is a feeding ground for bacteria which breeds odor. By changing your pad/ tampon you will feel more comfortable and reduce any smell.
  2. Prevents Infection By changing your pads/ tampons, you reduce bacteria growth. This leads to the prevention of different infections such as:
    1. Bacterial Vaginitis– Sometimes you may have no symptoms but you may experience abnormal vaginal discharge, a foul odor, and itching. Many experience this after their periods.
    2. Yeast Infection– Yeast loves moist warm areas to grow and that is why yeast infections are so common among vaginas. 
    3. It’s a fungal infection that can cause the pH balance to be disrupted. Usually a thick, white, cottage cheese looking discharge. Intense itchiness, inflammation, and a “fishy” odor.

4:) Take Baths With Apple Cider Vinegar


Did you know that apple cider vinegar has beneficial effects on the vagina? It’s called “the mother.”

The mother contains good bacteria that is beneficial to the vagina. 

But wait? Isn’t bacteria bad?

Not necessarily, see we have BOTH good and bad bacteria in our vag area. 

The BAD bacteria is what causes odor, infections, pH problems and itchiness.

This is why bacterial vaginitis and yeast are common among the vagina.

But, hold on now, the GOOD bacteria is here to HELP us!

This GOOD bacteria is filled in the vagina to help keep it healthy. 

They are a part of our self-cleaning process.

These bacteria fight FOR us and NOT against us. 

But when we have too many bad bacteria overtake then, that leads to infections

Apple cider vinegar helps to:


  1. Reset the vaginaBy adding good bacteria to the vagina it helps to fight off problems caused by bad bacteria such as odor, BV, and yeast infections
  2. Regulate the pH balanceApple cider vinegar flushes and naturally cleans the vagina. But it also helps to restore the pH balance. Having a regulated pH balance keeps the vagina healthy and functioning properly!
  3. Clears an infection ACV gently cleanses the vagina and helps to clear any existing infections such as BV and yeast while also preventing them in the future. 


All you need to do is put just a ½ cup of Apple Cider Vinegar WITH THE MOTHER  into your bath 

It is CRUCIAL that you use organic, apple cider vinegar that contains the mother. 

The mother is what helps your vagina. 

You can also drink 2 tbsps of it in 100% cranberry juice twice a day for internal prevention!

I like the one from Bragg’s. Honestly, you have to get this one!



5:) Invest in Cranberry


Many people do not understand how cranberries help

Cranberry has properties that help to prevent UTI’s

Cranberry helps to flush and cleanse the body of unwanted toxins

This is beneficial to vaginal health because it prevents infections

Less infections= healthy vagina

I prefer to take the vH Essentials probiotics!


Here’s why you need them too:

  1. They contain BOTH probiotics and prebiotics- helping with healthy microbial growth allows for good bacteria growth that protects the vaginal health
  2. They have cranberry- this knocks out any need to get an extra cranberry and simples it down to just two tablets
  3. Contains vitamin C- has 60 mg of vitamin C per serving. This helps build the body’s immune system and immunity to help fight off infections


These are amazing and crucial for your feminine health

You can get yours here! I bet you’ll love them plus they are SUPER CHEAP! 


6:) Avoid Douching

Okay, I know that the idea of being clean pleases us

However, douching is actually very BAD for us

The vagina is a self cleaning organ

You DO NOT need to be applying anything INSIDE to clean it

Douching disrupts the natural and NORMAL chemicals inside the vagina

It also flushes out those good bacteria that helps keep the vagina healthy

due to this, douching leads to bacterial infections like BV and yeast

Avoiding douching keeps your feminine health on POINT

7:) Sleep Without Underwear

Your vagina needs to breath

As I mentioned before, bacteria loves warmth in order to grow

Naturally, we walk and move very often throughout the day leading to excess heat

This, in turn, will bring problems such as infections and odor

By sleeping without panties, you allow air and naturally cool your vagina 

It allows your vagina to breathe and be happy!

I know it may be super weird at first but seriously, sleep without your panties

You will be amazed at how your vagina starts to feel


8:) Only Wear Cotton Underwear

Okay, I understand the appeal of lace

Wearing different types of sexy underwear may seem fun

However, many of those underwear are made from polyester and other materials that are terrible for your vagina

The reason why is simple, these materials are not breathable

Air does not flow easy in these types of panties and this causes your vagina to overheat 

Remember what those little bacteria loves… warmth and moisture

Cotton on the other hand is one of the most breathable fabrics 

Cotton also does not hold odors which helps your feminine area stay fresh throughout the day

Since our vaginas are self cleaning organs, we need them to be as healthy and happy as possible. 


8:) Only Use WHITE Wash Cloths

Many of those different color washcloths have dyes in them 

The problem with those colorful washcloths is the fact that their dyes will bleed

And, if you are using those clothes to wash your vagina, those dyes will cause chaos for your feminine health

This is very similar to loofahs and sponges as well. 

Loofahs and sponges tend to gather bacteria faster than washcloths

The reason why is due to their water retention

They HOLD more water and since many people leave them in the shower it is the perfect feeding ground for bacteria. 

Avoiding these harmful cleaning tools will help to prevent any irritations or further infections

9:) Trim Your Pubic Hair

Hair is a touchy subject for many but here’s some truth

Pubic hair is actually good!

Hair is our FIRST layer of protection against bacteria, dirt and debris from entering your vagina

So, it is not a bad thing to have hair at all….However

Many women feel as though they notice more of a smell when they have a ton of hair

This is simply due to the fact that the hair is catching any foreign substances hence why a odor may grow

But, you DO NOT NEED TO BE COMPLETELY BALD… if you don’t want to

The best thing to do is keep a clean trim

This will give you the benefit of protection

10:) Pee And Shower After Sex

Since the vagina is very sensitive, multiple things can throw it off

Eventually, this will disrupt your vaginal health resulting in a ton of problems

Sperm is basic while our vaginal fluid is acidic, in return, sperm will alter the pH balance of your vagina resulting in an immediate odor, possible infections such as a UTI

It’s crucial to pee and shower after sex to cleanse the vag

And that’s it! Ten feminine health tips that your mom may not have told you! And guess what? It’s NOTHING to be ashamed about.

Boo, your vagina is special and you need to protect it by maintaining the best feminine health possible. With these tips, you can help to keep your lady happy and healthy. Don’t be ashamed of your vaginal health honey!

Any other tips or tricks that you do? Leave a comment below!

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