You’re probably wondering whether or not the pain of a Brazilian wax is worth it.

So, you’re online doing research while your palms are sweating because you’re nervous.

Well, relax and let’s be honest here

Brazilian waxes hurt like a bitc….. Excuse my language 

But I have been getting Brazilian waxes for over a year and I will NEVER GO BACK TO SHAVING!

Seriously, it’s that good!

However, if you’re not careful after a Brazilian wax your smooth cat can quickly turn into an ingrown hair infected mess. 

Many people don’t even know these things and end up ruining their Brazilian waxes and now have a horrible looking wax. 

In this post, I’m going to share the 5 mistakes that are major DON’TS when getting a Brazilian wax

First, what’s Brazilian wax?

5 mistakes that are ruining your Brazilian wax

A Brazilian wax is a type of waxing process that completely removes the hair from your entire pubic and genital area. 

This wax also includes a butt strip. Which is simply, removing the hair from between your butt cheeks. 

This hair removal treatment pulls the hair from the root which leaves a super smooth, hairless, look. 

As a result, no hair is left behind. 

A Brazilian wax can last about 4-6 weeks before you need to get another wax. 

Contrary to popular belief, waxing does not cause the hair to grow back faster or thicker in any way. 

The hair actually grows back much thinner making the next wax less painful if you follow the proper timeline of 4-6 weeks. 

Mistake #1) Not Exfoliating Before Your Wax

Depending on who your esthetician is, they may use a hard wax or a soft wax for your Brazilian. Sometimes they will use both.

The problem with not waxing prior to your Brazilian wax is that many times the wax will stick to your skin, not only the hair. 

If you have a cluster of dead skin on the waxing site, this will result in an extremely painful wax.

The wax will stick to all that dead skin and make it harder for the wax to pull all the hairs on the first pull.

Unfortunately, your esthetician will have to keep going over the area resulting in a lot of pain for you. 

However, do not exfoliate 24 hours BEFORE and AFTER a wax

Exfoliating too soon before a wax (24 hours) will result in your skin feeling a bit raw and you may cause some unnecessary irritation leading to a more difficult wax. 

On the contrary, exfoliating within 24 hours after a wax is not recommended as well since the waxing process itself is a form of a more aggressive exfoliation, it will cause damage to your skin.

Waxing is a form of exfoliating as it is inevitable to not pick up some dead skin which is why you shouldn’t exfoliate right before or right after.

Plus, that’s going to be very painful and may cause unwanted issues such as open cuts and inflammation.

Mistake #2) Having Sex After Your Wax

I know how soft and luscious your skin will feel after you get your wax and I know how excited you will be to show your partner and have them feel it themselves.


However, since a Brazilian wax is stripping the hair directly from the root out of your skin, your pores will still be slightly open.

You want to keep that area as clean and dry as possible to avoid any possible infection. 

Sex, as fun and exciting as it is, is full of exchanging germs. 

Wait at least 24 hours before having sex to allow your pores to close and the inflammation, that may occur naturally, disappear.  

Mistake #3) Using Harsh Soaps and Lotions

5 Mistakes that are ruining your Brazilian wax

Truth be told, you shouldn’t be using harsh soaps and lotions on your vagina and pubic area anyway. 

But it is crucial to definitely not do this after a fresh wax. 

As I mentioned earlier, waxing causes a lot of trauma to the skin leaving it inflamed and extremely sensitive for a short period of time afterwards.

During this time, you need to make sure you do not use anything to cause any irritation to the area. 

That includes:

  • Using scent free soaps like #ad Dove Sensitive White Soap
  • Avoid douching 
  • No tampons, pads, or panty liner (don’t get a wax on your period)
  • No scented lotions (if any, use pure shea butter for moisture or Almond oil but avoid entering the vagina)

Make sure to check out my prior posts in regard to feminine hygiene tips and tricks to help keep your feminine health in order. 

This is especially important after a Brazilian wax as you do not want a yeast infection or bacterial infection while your skin is sensitive. 

Mistake #4) Shaving In Between Waxes 

When getting a Brazilian wax, as I mentioned earlier, the hair is completely ripped from the pore from the tip. 

If you are shaving in between your waxes, you are unnecessarily causing irritation to your skin which will end up making your Brazilian waxes MORE PAINFUL. 

PLUS, shaving causes the hairs to be cut at an angle which increases the likelihood of ingrown hairs leading to you ruining your Brazilian wax.

You also won’t get the cleanest wax because shaving can lead to uneven hair growth. 

Waxes can only pick up hair that is at least ¼ inch long, or a grain of rice for a visual.

If you are shaving in between, the hairs may be different lengths which will be a very difficult wax. 

Long story short, don’t shave in between your waxes.

However, if you feel that your hairs are growing back too quickly, you don’t have to wait the full 4-6 weeks to go and get another wax. 

In fact, you can go when you have minimal hair as long as they are ¼ inch long. 

So, no full bush needed in order to get another wax

Mistake #5) Wearing the Wrong Underwear

5 Mistakes that are ruining your Brazilian wax

Many women do not know the proper underwear that they should be wearing and that is okay, we are here to learn and help each other. 

After your wax, your skin may be a bit inflamed and tender.

The best way to reduce any more irritation and avoid any infections is to wear loose, cotton underwear. 

The importance of this simply comes down to your feminine health. 

Your vagina does not like to be suffocated and many panty materials such as nylon, polyester, etc. cause unnecessary moisture and heat to be trapped in your vagina. 

That alone is screaming for a yeast infection as yeast loves warm, moist areas. 

Let your vagina breathe, especially after your wax, and this will help to reduce any infections during this time.

Your underwear should only be cotton as it is the most breathable fabric

This alone makes cotton the best material to wear.

How to check if your underwear is cotton:

  1. Pull out some underwear
  2. If they are tag less underwear, there will be a very fine print on the back of your underwear
  3. If they have tags, locate the tags on the back or side of your underwear
  4. On the tag less and tagged underwear, the type of material will be listed with the percentage of each material.
  5. If there is a mixture of materials, the tag will let you know WHERE those materials are at.
    1. For example, if it is polyester and cotton. Those still can be good underwear if the tag says, “cotton on lining”.
    2. this lets you know that the underwear is cotton, but the waist may be polyester which is okay as long as the vaginal part is cotton.
Keep it simple!

If you would like to know more about some great feminine health tips to help you before and after your Brazilian wax or just in general…

You can read my blog post here all about some great feminine health tips that nobody may not have told you before. 

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