Your bathroom is a place where you need things to smell the best as some of the nastiest things happen in the bathroom.

But, if you’re someone who has kids, has a small bathroom, can’t light candles or can’t stand those aerosols then pay attention to this post. 

I’m going to share with you 6 simple ways that you can freshen up your bathroom and keep it smelling amazing without having to light any candles or spray any air fresheners. 

Want to know the best part of these tips? 

They are super inexpensive and will save you  a ton of money compared to buying a bunch of air fresheners that make your bathroom smell like sweet Hawaiian shit. 

1) Cotton Balls + Essential Oils

Smell Hacks for home, Essential Oils


One of the easiest ways that I have discovered to keep my bathroom fresh is to combine cotton balls and essential oils. 

Cotton balls are super cheap and so are essential oils. 


This is what you do.

  • Take a cotton ball and soak it with whatever fragrance of your choice. I prefer more citrus/eucalyptus scents in my bathroom but whatever scent you prefer. 
  • Soak the cotton ball in about 15-20 drops of essential oil. (Wear gloves as undiluted essential oils can burn the skin) 
  • Take the cotton ball and disperse it in different areas in your bathroom where it can be easily hidden but where you are able to find them and replace them.

Some areas I love: 

  • Placed in the trash can under the bag 
  • Put in a corner, hidden behind the products under the sink
  • Inside/at the bottom of a vase 
  • If you have a window, behind the curtain/ blinds 

As long as it is undetectable and cannot be seen, it’s  great. Plus the more cotton balls you use the stronger and longer lasting the scent is. 

You can even skip the cotton ball and add a few drops of essential oils to the inside of your toilet paper roll for even more freshness! 

How long does the scent last?

The scent from the cotton balls will start to lose fragrance after about a week or two. 

It’s best to replace them once a week but if your scent is still going strong then keep it until you feel that the scent is no longer fresh.  

However, if you want to keep saving money, I would suggest getting an essential oil kit where you have plenty of scents to mix and match from without spending $10 on one oil. 

My favorite kit is the Lagunamoon Essential Oils Gift Set, 6 Pcs Pure Essential Oils (Lavender, Eucalyptus, Lemongrass, Orange, Peppermint, Tea Tree) #ad I ordered it from Amazon and I love it because it is:

  • Super strong in scent 
  • Multiple options of scents to choose from
  • Inexpensive (under $10)
  • Long lasting 
  • Affordable 
  • Many uses

I’ve actually spoken about essential oils on my blog before so this are not new concept around here!

This kit is really amazing and its super cheap but you will love the scents of them. 

2) Stick On Fresheners

bathroom, Smell hacks for home, Stick on fresheners

I really enjoy my bathroom smelling amazing without having a ton of candles everywhere and air freshener cans. 

To be very honest, I love the minimalist look for my bathroom so I try to have scents that can be hidden easily or don’t take up a bunch of space.

One of those sleek smell goods is actually stick-on air fresheners.

You may have seen them for cars but they have many for your homes as well. 

These are some of the stick-on that I purchase and as I mentioned before I love the fresh citrus clean scents for bathrooms. 

The Air Wick Stick Ups are the best that I have found and I absolutely love them. They are so easy to hide, the smell stays for 30 days, you can remove them without damage, plus they are super cheap! 

Under $9 for a 6 pack?? 180 days of fresh scent? Yes! 

How to use it:

Just like with the cotton rounds with the essential oils. I like to stick them in small hidden spaces.

This way you can smell the fragrance without having to see where the fragrance is coming from. 

Those spaces are similar to: 

  1. Inside the trash bin along the wall 
  2. Behind the toilet 
  3. On the cabinet door underneath the sink
  4. On the back wall of the cabinet under the sink
  5. Behind the decorative towel rack 

Look at mine:

Bathroom, smell hacks

As you can see, I stick mine on the side of my sink. I then cover the stick on with my scale so you can’t tell that it’s there.

How long does the scent last?

Well, these tend to last about 30 days before the scent is all gone. 

So, let’s recap. 30 days of fresh scent that’s hidden and cannot be seen but smelled?

Plus you only have to replace them once a month?

And it’s extremely cheap? Yes, this is a steal and I love these! #ad

3) Automatic Toilet bowl cleaner 

Bathroom, smell hacks for home

The serious stinky stuff goes into the toilet so we need to make sure that there are no emerging odors coming from there. 

One of the best ways to do this is by using clip-in toilet bowl cleaners  or drop in cleaners

I’m telling you, you would be surprised about the smells that sneak up from your toilet.

Toilet bowl cleaners help to kill odor causing bacteria but every time you flush it disperses a light fresh scent into your toilet water. 

My favorite two products are the Lysol clip in toilet cleaner and 

the Clorox Ultra Clean Toilet Bowl Tablets. #ad

bathroom, smell hacks for home

Here’s the benefit of these (I use them together ):

  • Super cheap and inexpensive (Lysol clips $3, Clorox tablets $9) 
  • Affordable 
  • Lasts 30+ days (Each Clips ) Clorox lasts about 60 days (per tablet)
  • Clean scents
  • Helps to keep your toilet bowl sparkling clean
  • Turns the water oceanic blue 
  • Helps to remove stains 
  • Sanitizes your toilet bowl 

Plus they are super simple to use.

Clip on the cleaner where the blue cleaning bar is in the toilet.

If also using the drop in cleaner..

  1. Take off the toilet lid
  2. Flush the toilet
  3. Drop the cleaning solid into a corner when the water is low
  4. That’s it! Put the lid back on and let it do its magic
  5. The water should start to turn blue after about a day or two. 

Seriously, if you want to keep a good smelling bathroom your toilet needs to be clean and smelling good.

Lysol clip ins and Clorox Ultra clean tablets are your best friends! Get them ASAP!

4)Toilet Sprays 

Bathroom, smell hacks for home

Surprisingly, a lot of people do not know about these fantastic sprays. 

Some people may know but if you don’t its the great Poo-Pourri!

Poo-pourri  is fantastic for helping your bathroom to smell amazing because you use it before you poop.

We all know that pooping is one of those activities that causes the most stank in the bathroom and sometimes candles and aerosols do not cover it up. 

Remember, Hawaiian smelling shit.

The way that it works is simple, it’s a super strong spray with tons of essential oils that you spray in your toilet water before you use the bathroom. 

But here’s the best part, even after you flush the toilet the scent will still be there!

Plus, it covers up the poop scent as you go!

What I like to do:

  • Spray before I use the bathroom, regardless of what I’m doing (one or two) I spray a couple sprays 
  • Spray 2 sprays when I finish using the bathroom 

I’m telling you, this will keep your bathroom smelling phenomenal! 

With this set, you also save money! You get three scents including original citrus, lavender vanilla, and tropical hibiscus! 

The best part is that this kit includes three 1.4 ounces (pretty great sizes), for the price of $19!

These are so simple and inexpensive to help keep your bathroom smelling amazing without even thinking about it.

You need these to help keep a fresh and clean smelling bathroom #ad

5) Damp Rid Water Moisture Removers

bathroom, smell hacks for home

The bathroom is where so much water is run and many times the steam from the shower gets absorbed into the towels.

Wet towels and washrags get hung to dry.

And eventually, those items start to smell of a small musty odor which will indeed start to make your bathroom smell funny.  

I love using Damp Rids Moisture Removers in the bathroom because it helps to suck up all the extra moisture out of the air.

This helps to eliminate that musty odor that unnecessary water in small confined spaces can cause.

Plus, it helps prevent the formation of mold that can be caused from excess water and hidden fungi that you may not notice. 

The best part about these moisture removers is that they are pretty compact and can be hidden pretty easily. 

I hide mine behind the toilet in the space between the toilet and the wall. 

This is my Damp Rid and I want to show you how much water has been absorbed! 

And inside the damp rid is a disk that releases a fresh scent!

bathroom, smell hacks for home

bathroom, smell hacks for home,

You get two for $17 on Amazon which is INSANELY cheaper than in store! 

The best part is that these do not have to be replaced for about 60 days or until the white tablet dissolves completely!

These are a steal and will make a huge impact in the way that your bathroom smells! 

Check them out here! #ad

6) Plug Ins

bathroom, smell hacks for home

I love these omg omg!

My favorite scent and the one that I currently have in my bathroom is this vanilla & pink papaya scent!

It smells so fresh, clean, slightly sweet, and it adds such a warmth and comfort to your bathroom!

This kit includes 2 plus ins and 6 oil refills! 

The best part about these plugs is that you can adjust the strength that you want the scent to be released. 

I always have mine on the highest setting and one refill will last me 30 days! 

These plug ins are filled with fragrance oils which are much stronger in scent than a lot of candles so you can quickly start to smell the goodness asap. Check out the benefits below!

Here’s the benefit to these: 

  • There’s no fire to these so its safe for the kiddos
  • Super long lasting scent! (up to 90 days on the lower setting)
  • Very Strong scent
  • The vanilla & pink papaya scent goes with anything (it’s the best!)
  • There’s over 30 scents to choose from when you want to change the your scent but also
  • Very cheap and affordable 
  • Inexpensive, $14 for over 180 days of worry free scent

You need to be adding these to your cart right now! #ad

Using these simple, inexpensive, long lasting items are drastically going to help keep your bathroom smelling amazing without even trying!

On top of these great benefits, these items are perfect for small compact bathrooms and can be hidden very easily. Try them for yourself!

Do you have any other tips that you use to keep your bathroom smelling fantastic?

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