Deodorant not working

Is your deodorant not working?  Or has your deodorant stopped working?

Have you noticed that even when you are using deodorant you are still smelling musty throughout the day?

Is this stench lowering your confidence and making you feel insecure throughout the day?

Well, I’m here to give you 7 ways that you can quickly overcome that embarrassing odor for good.

In this post I’m going to share ways to fix your deodorant not working so you can be confident again!

Let’s get started.

1) Exfoliating Your Armpits

Deodorant not

Odor and must is caused by bacterium on the skin that tends to get trapped.

Exfoliating the skin helps to get rid of any dead skin cells that may be trapping odor.

On top of that, most exfoliators have amazing scents that get left behind on the skin that will help you stay fresh throughout the day.

Exfoliating also helps your scents to stick on longer throughout the day.

Which results in the scent of your deodorant to last longer.

There are two forms of exfoliating you can do:
  • Dry brushing- which involves using a hard bristled exfoliating brush (as shown in the picture above) to exfoliate DRY SKIN before your shower
  • Scrubs- These can be sugar scrubs, coffee scrubs, etc. that you use while the skin is damp to physically get rid of the dead skin. (Highly recommend) 
    • These are the exfoliates that leave a scent behind on the skin which adds an extra boost of fragrance underneath your armpits.
    • Helping to keep odors at bay

These are the best inexpensive exfoliators that you can find to help when your deodorant is not working:

Dove Exfoliating body polish- $6

This scrub is fantastic because:

  • Its inexpensive (come on, its $6!)
  • Leaves behind a beautiful, luxurious scent
  • Gentle enough to be used on a daily basis
  • Moisturizing
  • Gets rid of dead skin
  • Currently in my shower as we speak!

Dove’s exfoliator will drastically help if your deodorant is not working.

Next we have…

Treehut Sugar Scrubs- $8

Although it is not as moisturizing as the Dove exfoliator, it is great at removing dead skin cells.

As well as leaving an amazing, sweet scent behind.

Tree hut’s Sugar Scrubs is a fantastic addition to your hygiene routine.

Here is another thing you can do if your deodorant is not working.

2) Use A Deodorant Soap

Deodorant soaps are much different than regular soaps.

Deodorant soaps are soaps that are designer to be odor blocking.

They have odor blocking technology built into the soap to stop any odors from happening.

This is fantastic to do if your deodorant is not working because it adds an extra layer of odor protection.

Reducing the musty scent that you may be experiencing as well as preventing odor before you even apply your deodorant.

The best deodorant soap that I can attest to is…


Irish spring is fantastic because:

  • It blocks odors at the source
  • Prevents nasty smells
  • Leaves the skin super clean
  • Fresh and clean scent
  • Extremely Inexpensive

This deodorant soap is amazing for all these benefits but there is a proper way that you should use it if your deodorant is not working.


Of course, you need to be double cleansing when you are bit extra smelly.

But deodorant soaps are not to be used on your entire body in this instance.

The reason why is because it blocks ALL ODORS even the good ones.

So, your favorite perfume may not last on you as long due to the scent blocking technology of the soap.

With that being said, remember to only use the soap underneath your arm pits!

3) Double Your Deodorant

I have been doing this for years and it has been proven to be the best thing that I have ever done.

Not only does it add an extra layer of protection, but it is also a convenient way to keep you fresh through the day.

It is super easy to do and is undeniably effective!

How to do it:

  • Follow the first two steps outlined in this post
    • Cleansing with a deodorant soap
    • Then exfoliating
  • After, dry your armpits COMPLETELY 
  • This is the first layer- Use a deodorant cream like Lume
  • Apply the deodorant cream and rub in completely then…
  • Apply your deodorant as usual


  • Repeat the first two steps
  • This is the first layer- Apply your deodorant &
    • Rub into your armpits slightly
  • Lastly, use a deodorant spray like Dove or Degree
These are the products I recommend for this:
Lume Deodorant Cream- $20.00

Deodorant not working? Try this

I know that this is a higher price, but it is super effective and a little goes a long way.

Plus, it is odor protecting for 72 hours which is amazing.

Get yours here!


Again, Dove reigns supreme.

I swear by this spray. The smell is fantastic and the odor blocking on this is phenomenal.

Plus, these deodorant sprays are slim and convenient enough that they can be place into your bag for all day emergency protection.

It can be used as a touch up throughout the day.

Degree Deodorant Spray- $13

Deodorant not working

I know that this degree deodorant spray is $13 but it is a pack of three!

Making it less than $4 per spray.

But in all seriousness, it is super effective, and the coconut & hibiscus smell is divine!

Get yours asap.

4) Detox Your Armpits

Doing a detox on your armpit will help to pull out any impurities in your arm.

Along with killing any odor causing bacteria on your skin.

It is super easy to do and helps to get rid of extra sweat, smell, and odors.

What you will need is:

Aztec Bentonite Clay -$ 11

Deodorant not working

This is the holy grain bentonite clay!

The other ingredients you will need is a plastic bowl, a plastic spoon, and apple cider vinegar. Any brand will do!

Warning: Do not use metal bowls or spoons when making a bentonite mask as it strips the metal!

Next, all you need to do is clean and dry your armpits. Then apply the mask for about 15 minutes and let it dry.

Thats it!

You should be doing this mask at least once every 2 weeks.

It is super helpful at pulling out impurities and helping your deodorant do its job.

Check out the reviews for the Aztec mask yourself!

Also, read more about the Aztec mask here as I also use it for my hair! 

5) Change Your Deodorant

It may be a simple thing but sometimes simple is the answer.

The deodorant that you are using probably is not the best.

The ingredients are probably not effective for you or the formula either.

Personally, I cannot use gel deodorants.

I hate them with a passion, they never dry down, and I feel like they easily rub off.

With that being said, I avoid all gel deodorants.

Maybe that is what you should be doing. You may need to switch to a different brand entirely or formula of deodorant.

I have linked some great deodorants in this post, so if you have not tried any of the brands or formulas that I have linked below then please feel free to do so!

6) Start Drinking Chlorophyll

Deodorant not working, Try this

If you have not heard of chlorophyll, then here is the tea.

Chlorophyll is a natural internal detoxifier.

The benefits on chlorophyll are amazing but the biggest one is its ability to naturally stop odors.

One tsp a day in water and this chlorophyll drink is phenomenal at stopping body odors.

I personally drink this every day and it has been a life changer!

Read about my 90 days of drinking chlorophyll here and how it drastically improved my health 

Seriously, you will start to notice a difference in it in less than a week.

It will also help with odors that you may experience all over including bad breath or feminine odors.

Also, don’t forget to get my free guide to making a chlorophyll drink that will drastically improve your smell and health!

7) Change Your Diet

I know it may seem like another stupid, simple, repetitive tip but there is a lot of truth here.

What you eat will drastically change the way your body looks, smell, and reacts.

For instance, if you eat a lot of garlic and onions, you may start to notice that your body will start to smell of garlic and onions.

Even some herbs and spices will find a way to permeate from your pores.

It is natural but there are things you can do to prevent it as this may be one of the reasons that you feel like your deodorant is not working.

While deodorants can help to block odors, you may naturally be producing harsher odors from your sweat.

By changing up your diet you can help to reduce these odors.

Some ways you can do that is by eating more fruits and vegetables.

As well as drinking more water.

Again, super simple but water also helps to detoxify the body along with the chlorophyll I mentioned earlier.

By removing those toxins, they do not have to be released through your sweat.

Resulting in your deodorant working again!


Please remember that these tips are things that I have personally tried and have worked for me. You should try them yourselves and if you are still not successful and your deodorant is not working still. Then consider consulting with your doctor!






Disclaimer: I receive a small commission from the products that I sell. This is at no extra cost to you! Please read my Disclosure here. Thank you for reading.

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