Welcome to That Girl Kylie, The Blog, Where I Help Introverted Women To Achieve Improvement In Their Lives And Health

Hey loves, My name is Kylie! You’re probably on this page wondering, “How can this girl help me?” Well, let me give you a brief into about me and what my blog, That Girl Kylie, stands for. Of course, my name is Kylie and it’s apart of the name but honestly, I may be one of the biggest introverts ever. I created That Girl Kylie because I felt that there was a need for life tips for introverted women.

Here at That Girl Kylie, I talk about things that nobody really tells introverted women. How are we supposed to know things if people don’t talk about it with us? This blog is a guide to dating/relationships as an introvert, feminine health, beauty tips, and mental health improvement for introverts.

Here’s a quick bio about me since this is the about me page… you know.. anyways here we go

I’m the introverted nerd behind this blog I call That Girl Kylie. Surprisingly, I’m only 22 years old! But honestly, I feel like I have the life experience of a 150 year old sea turtle.

I am currently a student studying at the University of Connecticut focusing on Psychological Sciences. Because of that, I really felt like my knowledge in psychology would be great to share and help other introverted women overcome depression, anxiety and other mental health issues. I mean, who wouldn’t want a friend who has a psychology degree? Oh yeah, we’re friends now.

I have a very diverse career background where I worked in beauty and cosmetics for 5+ years and medical fields for 3+ years.

I am an extreme cheesecake lover, tea drinker, music addicted creature of habit.

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